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Basic Monthly Account Fee

 We charge a basic monthly account fee of US$50.00 at the beginning of each month.  This amount includes the following items: 

  • up to one skid (pallet) of storage (approximately 4’ by 4’ by 4’)

  • acceptance of letter mail on your behalf at no additional charge

  • use of our address with your company name

  • limited interaction with our staff

All other charges will be billed to your account. 

This fee is non-refundable and is not applied to any other charges.

Credit Card Charging Policy 

For new accounts, we will pro-rate the daily charges for the balance of the month for the start date you choose and will add the US$50.00 fee for the next month.  Given the cost of preparing an invoice and processing the charge, we do not like to process charges of less than US$50.00.  If you start your service mid-month, expect a first bill of US$75.00 for the upcoming six week period instead of US$25.00 for two weeks followed by a separate bill for US$50.00 starting on the first of the following month.  To simplify our record keeping, all monthly minimum fees are charged on the first of the month. 

The minimum monthly fee is charged to your credit card on the first day of each calendar month.  If the first day of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, the charge will be posted on the day before. We will fax you a copy of the invoice once the charge has been processed. 

On either the first day of the month or shortly thereafter, we will charge your credit card for any outstanding charges for services from the previous month that have not already been cleared.  

We reserve the right to bill weekly or daily if required instead of monthly for services or to charge your card prior to performing any services.  We will fax you an invoice promptly each time we charge your credit card. 

Given the low margins and possible high dollar value of some shipments, we reserve the right to charge your credit card an estimated amount prior to shipping with an adjustment being made once the total is known.  For example, if you want us to incur freight bills from UPS totaling US$3,000 to ship something on your behalf, we will charge this amount to your card prior to submitting the shipment to UPS.  We are not going to incur the costs and then try to collect our money.  

Each time we charge your card, we will fax or e-mail you a copy of the invoice promptly.   

If you do a lot of business with us, expect frequent charges.  We prefer to deal with charges promptly rather than try to figure out what happened a month earlier. 

Please review your invoices from us promptly.  We will not review invoices after 30 days:  we provide distribution services, not historical accounting services.

Payment Terms

We prefer to settle accounts frequently (weekly for active accounts and at least once a month for all accounts) using a major credit card.  Any significant charges may be charged prior to action on our part.  We reserve the right to bill weekly or more often depending upon activity.

We reserve the right to require prepayment by cash or certified funds should we deem necessary. 

Failure to Pay

Failure of a credit card transaction to go through will result in an immediate credit hold on all services.  We will contact you promptly to try to resolve the matter. 

Failure to pay invoices will result in a warehouseman’s lien being placed on all chattels in Chichester’s warehouse.  No merchandise will be allowed to be removed unless payment in full in a form satisfactory to us is received. 

Failure to settle the balance in full within 60 days may result in us seizing the merchandise and selling it to recover lost revenues.  Should we need to dispose of any merchandise after 60 days, you will continue to be responsible for all disposal costs plus staff time.

 Inflation Adjustment 

All fees will be adjusted on January 1st of each year for an approximate inflation amount.  Should inflation exceed 5% per year, adjustments will be made quarterly.  You will receive 30 days’ notice of any price changes.

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