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How to Get a Taxpayer Identification Number to Ship to Your Address

We will not be the importer of record for distribution customers.  We do not import merchandise on behalf of customers outside of the United States and do not give out our federal taxpayer identification number for shipments consigned to the U.S. warehouse.  Think of your address as your U.S. location that you have rented from us.  Your shipments to your location have nothing to do with our company.

In order to ship to your location in the U.S., you will have to either incorporate in the United States or obtain a U.S. taxpayer identification number.  To get a taxpayer identification number, call the U.S. Internal Revenue Serivce at 267.941.1099 and request one.  They will ask for your name, name of the company, address, and type of merchandise you are shipping to the U.S.  Foreign firms cannot use their on-line forms, but must call and speak to an agent.  The agents will issue a number on the phone that is effective immediately.  There is no charge for this service.

You can use any broker you wish to ship to your address.  We have used FedEx Trade Networks for 20 years and have been pleased with their service.  Please contact us if you need their contact information.

Clearing Shipments from the U.S. into Canada

We are not set up to clear shipments into Canada on your behalf.  If you need a customs broker, we recommend that you set up an account with Panalpina.  We have worked with them for many years and have been pleased with their service.  You can reach them in Toronto at 905.755.4500.  Their address is as follows: 

            6350 Cantay Road
            Mississauga, Ontario
            L5R 4E2  Canada

Use of a Customs Bonded Warehouse

We can arrange to store your merchandise temporarily in a bonded warehouse if required in Niagara Falls, New York.  Please call for pricing.  This service is generally quite expensive.

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