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Receiving Charges for UPS / Fed-Ex / DHL / USPS / Other Couriers

We provide receiving services only for customers who have a signed service agreement in place and have paid the US$50.00 per month basic fee.  We are not set up to provide one-time receiving services for individuals who want to ship merchandise to us that they buy on e-bay or from other retailers.  Our goal is to provide on-going business services, not one-off receiving of low-value shipments for individuals living in Canada.  If you want to ship a guitar or flat-screen TV to our warehouse for pick up, please do not call--we cannot help you.  If you are looking for on-going services and are willing to sign a services agreement, we can help.

We charge US$2.50 per receipt for each box for customers who have a signed services agreement in place and have paid the US$50.00 per month basic fee.

We record the name of the sender and the date the box or boxes were received.  We can e-mail this list to you at your request for no additional charge.  No other work is done under this category. 

Checking In Packages 

We can perform additional check-in services if you wish.  We can open the box and inspect the shipment, check in the shipment, send pictures, change labels, etc.  This work is billed as labor at either US$45.00 per hour for standard rates or US$120.00 per hour for rush service.  We only perform this service if it is requested by you—either on a standing-order basis or a one-time basis. 

Receiving Charges for Palletized Truck Shipments

Truck receiving charges are based on shipments that can use our truck loading dock. 

US$10.00 for the first skid in a shipment. 

US$5.00 for each additional skid in a shipment to receive truck shipments. 

For example, if you have three skids come in on one shipment, the charge is US$10.00 + US$5.00 + US$5.00 = US$20.00. 

Storage charges accrue after the skid or skids have been in our warehouse for 48 hours. 

Receiving Charges for Non-palletized Truck Shipments

Shipments that cannot be unloaded by one person using a pallet jack will incur charges at the hourly rate.  Some irregular-sized or heavy shipments may require more than one person to unload.  Any special handling will be billed at US$45.00 per hour for each staff member needed to unload the truck.

Storage charges accrue after the skid or skids have been in our warehouse for 48 hours. 

Receiving COD Shipments by UPS, Truck, Mail, Etc. 

We normally will not advance funds for COD shipments.  You must make arrangements to have a check ready before the shipment arrives. 

If you provide the check for us to receive a COD shipment, we will charge US$10.00 for handling. 

If we decide to accept a COD shipment on your behalf using our funds, we will charge 15% over the amount of our outlay plus the US$10.00 handling fee.  Any amounts disbursed, must be settled promptly.

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